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Beyond the Myth has been officially licensed to Screen Media Films for distribution in the U.S. and Canada! Screen Media Films will be doing a limited theatrical release of Beyond the Myth in 5 cities for one night only screenings toward the end of May or beginning of June. Those cities are most likely (but currently unconfirmed) Detroit, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago. We will be looking for hosting organizations to aid in the promotion and participation of these screenings and, organizations chosen to team up with us will be able to utilize the event as a fundraiser by selling merchandise and collecting donations. If interested please email and

And, while Beyond the Myth is currently only available for public viewings at screenings in the U.S. & Canada, we along with Screen Media will soon make a formal announcement regarding DVD, cable and online VOD and TV releases. Our tentative DVD and VOD release date (same day) is September 2012.

We also have a plan in place that will allow non-profit organizations to purchase bulk numbers of DVDs for a discount and re-sell them for a profit to their constituents at events. More information on this plan will be made available at a later date.

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