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Kimber Cleveland & “Strong for You”

We’re incredibly pleased to announce a special creative partnership with local singer/songwriter Kimber Cleveland, who has penned a fantastic new song especially for our film—“Strong for You”!

Kimber is a rising star out of Nashville—she’s a singer and songwriter heavily influenced by the likes of the Pretenders, Shawn Colvin, and Pink. She’s been traveling all across the U.S. performing her original music for the last several years. We’re very fortunate that she’s chosen to add her talents to this project.

“Strong for You” is now available for download on iTunes and cdbaby!


Kimber is a lifetime animal lover and rescuer—but until 8 years ago, when she rescued her first pit bull, Gretsch, she shared in the misconception that every pit bull was a menacing monster and not to be trusted. She found Gretsch in an industrial park in Nashville and despite her fear, she gathered this sad and starving dog into her car, where she immediately curled up in her lap, ate gently out of her hand, and drank water out of a cup.

Kimber’s life was forever changed by this stray pit bull, and it was on that day that she began to realize just how much she didn’t know about the plight of this misunderstood breed. Kimber kept Gretsch and has been forever grateful for her companionship. Since adopting Gretsch, Kimber has fostered many pit bulls and has become a tireless advocate for them. Not surprisingly, she is adamantly opposed to Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL).

Kimber’s new focus is using her music as a way to help pit bulls in need and fight against BSL. She has played several events, including a fundraiser for Villalobos and a screening of the documentary, “Vicktory to the Underdog,” which benefited some of the former Michael Vick dogs. This new song, “Strong for You,” communicates her commitment to standing up for Gretsch and the dogs she loves. It’s a song from the heart that she hopes will inspire others to not give up—and to believe that they can change things.

Kimber says, “I really wanted the song to be an anthem for pit bulls and their supporters—it’s for people who are fighting the battle to keep their dogs…and for the ones who have lost their companions because of a senseless law.”


Kimber will be touring with Beyond the Myth and singing “Strong For You” live at screenings (and yes, that’s Kimber with our very own Fern Blossom in the photo to the left). It’s a beautiful song, with poignant lyrics that touched my heart and ignited my soul. It is indeed an anthem—a song that will empower you. “Strong For You” also showcases Kimber’s considerable talents as a songwriter and performer.

Kimber and I are both independent artists brought together by the hands of fate (and a gal named Leigh Ann) and we couldn’t be happier to be working together on this project. The song is now available for download with a portion of the proceeds to go to Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy groups.

Download from iTunes

Download from cdbaby

“Strong for You” is Copyright © 2010 Kimber Cleveland and Cover Y’all Productions – All Rights Reserved


Kimber is in the process of recording her second CD, “Comin’ on Strong,” which is being produced at Mackinaw Harvest Music by Michael Crittenden and Doug Frasure. Her team on this project also includes Brian Malouf of Disney Records (Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Pink) and Gasoline Inc., writers and producers of Toby Keith’s #1 single “American Ride”.

“Strong for You” may make the final cut for the album, but this is currently unconfirmed. Our fingers are firmly crossed!

For more information on Kimber and her other projects, including performance dates, please visit her website.

–Libby Sherrill