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Join the “My Story” Video Campaign

Do you feel that you and your dogs receive an unfair stereotype because of sensationalized and biased media coverage? If so, here’s your chance to tell us and the world, your story.

Record and upload a short video to YouTube that tells the story of you and your canine family. We believe that the news media has done a poor job of representing you and your family pets who happen to be “pit bulls” or other types of dogs that my receive poor representation in the media.

Guidelines for creating “My Story” Video
  1. Create a video no longer than 2 minutes. (We will not use your video if it exceeds this limit.)
  2. Do not use any music. (We will not use your video if you use music.)
  3. In the video, tell us about your occupation, education, family, passions and lifestyle, and tell us and show us your dog(s) personality, training, achievements and activities etc.
  4. Shoot new video that incorporates you or someone else in your family on camera making the examples of types of statements seen below, and you can also include photos and older or b-roll video.
  5. The video can be simple or edited with more precision. The important thing is for you to make one!
Example Statements for Video
  • BSL is _______________
  • My dog(s) are my family.
  • I am a responsible dog owner or caretaker because________________
  • Pit Bulls are______________
  • My dog is a _________(type and full bred or mix) ____________(rescued or purchased from breeder etc)
  • My dog is a certified therapy dog or a service dog or a frisbee champion, etc.
Instructions for uploading “My Story” Video
  1. Upload your video to YouTube
  2. Find your YouTube Link (ex.
  3. Copy the YouTube ID from your link (the ID is is the string of numbers at the end of the URL)
  4. Fill out the form below and paste the ID into the Youtube URL field
  5. Then, We’ll embed your video on this page!

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