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Courtesy Content Contributors

We’d like to thank all those who shared footage and photos to us. In making a documentary, personal photos and video are often key elements in telling a story. Thank you.

Video Contribution

Dawn Capp – Sacramento, CA
Cynthia Stein – Austin, TX
Face the State – Denver, CO
Andrew & Clara Yori – Minnesota
Humane Society of the United States
Desiree Arnold – Denver, CO

Photo Contribution

Dawn Capp
Abe and Helene Abdu
Dorothy & Jim Wilson
Christina Linsenmeyer
Ben Herche
Ashley Herche
Karen Breslin
Sonya Dias
Anne Iliopolus
Desiree Arnold
Glenn Belcher
Jodi Preis
Dahlia Canes
Edel Miedes
Julie Poole Photography
Aimee Stubbs Photography
Dog Breath Photography

Dog Photo Submission Contribution

Recognition Coming Soon!