What is

The Internet protocol address that is related to the use of broadband and wireless routers. Connecting to this address allows individuals to link to the router utilized for Internet access directly. This IP address was initially utilized by Linksys for their routers but has now been appropriated by other home networking companies.

It has recently been implemented by several major Internet and computer companies. While many manufacturers today use the as their default address, this is not standard as of yet. Although a computer, printer or other type of device can be configured for this address it is rare that this is done.

The address is chosen as the default IP address when installing the router. The address is selected and set up as the default IP address when the router is installed. This address is the default IP address for many routers.

However, the address can be changed to another IP address utilizing the router settings. In addition to router setup, is frequently used to problem solve connectivity difficulties with Linksys routers such as complete loss of connectivity or a user forgetting a home networking password.

The address is maintained as a private address meaning it cannot be detected by the public even when individuals are connected to the internet through this address.